Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Brioche

Friends are having babies this year! That fact in combination with a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock heavyweight has led to this:

Baby Brioche is a seamless baby cardigan knit in brioche stitch. The brioche stitch creates a lofty fabric that is squeezably soft and incredibly stretchy, good qualities for a garment made for a growing babe. The body is worked top-down and flat while the sleeves are worked circularly.

Pattern features include a Channel Island cast on which rolls over into the brioche stitch ribs beautifully; a front opening with finished edges worked along with the body; and a combination of crocheted and I-cord button loops worked after the garment is finished, allowing button placement where wanted. Body increases are strategically placed and mirror-imaged, giving a sense of balance to the whole.

This is a one-skein project with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock heavyweight.

You'll see it in the credits, but it can't be said enough: huge thanks to my testers from the Free Pattern Testers group on RavelryTM. You gals rock!

I'm really excited about this one and hope you like it, too. I'd like to see this knit so much that I am offering the pattern for free. That being said, this pattern is for private use only. The pattern, images or products made from the pattern may not be sold without the express written consent of the designer (me). Thank you!

Congrats and good luck to all my friends having babies this year—this pattern evolved because of you!

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ETA: Sarah's two-color version of Baby Brioche, an ingenious variation as it allows one to knit a garment for either gender (if you care about such things) and/or allows for quick costume changes.


Anonymous said...

I saw this made up at "Twisted" and decided to try knitting it in 2011. It is very cute! Thanks for the free pattern. Marcia

Always Alice said...

I was lucky enough to test knit this little soon as my DIL saw it the little sweater just disappeared into her luggage and was headed to Arizona for one of her friend's babies! It is a great little pattern and it seems I need to knit another for the next fortunate baby that comes along.

Rae Richen said...

I made this for the four month old in our family (tried twice to get the size right while she grew). It is so much fun that I didn't mind doing it twice and the yarn you suggested stood up well to deconstruction and reconstruction, still looking fresh after the second finish. I had fun playing with various ways to make the increase look either more decorative or recede into the background.
Thanks for the pattern. I'm back to knit the stained glass bubble mittens for the older children.