Monday, May 30, 2005

Knitting Camp

Yippee! I'm signed up for Knitting Camp, held by Schoolhouse Press/Meg Swansen in Wisconsin. Anyone driving down from Minneapolis for Camp 2 who'd be kind enough to let me ride along? Or, anyone flying into Minneapolis who would like to share a car rental?

I learned so much at camp last year. I'm sure my knitting friends (at least non-knitting friends) are tired of hearing me say, "Last year at knitting camp..." I can't wait. Who doesn't want to learn 10 ways to cast on in an hour? Show-and-tell each day was quite fun--to see everyone's pride and joy or current challenge was eye-opening. Of course there came to be the shawl people, or the colorwork people, or the stitch work people, but boy--what talent.

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