Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Feet

[Oof--I started this post over a week ago, and ended up having trouble with Blogger. Huge apologies to my sock pal for taking so long to show off her beautiful socks!] My Sockapaloooza socks arrived from my pal, gleek. I absolutely, unconditionally love them! I have them on today--a lazy Sunday, slightly drizzly and cloudy, perfect sock weather. Here they are in all their splendidness:

She used Nancy Bush's Rib & Cable pattern from the Fall 2005 Interweave Knits with Brooklyn Handspun. I really love the colors--the greens, blues, and yellowish-gold look great together; there's even my favorite lime green in there.

The fit is perfect--couldn't have been better. I really like the toe, too; I haven't made a toe yet this way and want to try it out on my next pair, as the fit is really good. These are well-crafted socks. Thanks so much, gleek! I couldn't be happier with my socks.

And to top it off, she included yummy chocolate (now devoured), a cool sockapaloooza label, and a postcard of NYC taxis. She has a very interesting site, too. Be sure to read about the iguana at the top of the page. I wish I had something similar for Scooter. He'd probably be asleep most of the time, too!

How fun to make new friends from across the country. I'm embarrassed to say that it will be tomorrow that I mail out my socks for my pal, overseas, but, I think I finally have all the pieces to my carepackage for her. Hopefully they'll swing their way over to her quickly. [OK, they went out a week ago now. Hoping to hear from her soon! I hope she likes them.]

Yesterday I hiked in the Columbia River Gorge with some people from my tai chi class. It was an overcast day, and a bit cool, perfect for hiking. Here's the view from the top of Hamilton Mountain, looking northeast toward Table Mountain:

It was a good hike--long but not too strenuous, with a good view from the top and lots of wildflowers making their debut along the way.

And this is Pool of the Winds, where Rodney Falls cascades into a rock-walled bowl: Quite impressive in person, but hopefully this gives you an idea. Beautiful!

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Sarah said...

What a beautiful hike - I'm looking forward to getting out on some of those trails this summer! Great socks, too. My pal also made me the rib & cable socks - it's a nifty pattern!