Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Fuzzy, Flowered Hat

Unfortunately, a young friend was recently diagnosed with leukemia. A beautiful girl who loves flowers, I wanted to make a soft hat for her so I picked two pinks of Chinchilla and got to work. I'm pleased with the result, and the child's mother sent me the kindest of thank-yous, informing me that the girl's middle name is Rose. A lucky coincidence in an unfortunate event.

Thanks to Sue for the flower pattern; the hat I made up as I went.


gleek said...

what a beautiful hat! i've never knit with chinchilla. it looks warm and fuzzy.

Nancy J said...

Meet you in just about a week! Will be great to put a face to the written word! And what am I doing in my anxiousness? Mild housecleaning!!! (Kinda want the house to look decent for my neighbor who is house and animal sitting because she's great plus she gets Wisconsin cheese and sausage!)

Jen said...


I can't wait! Looking forward to meeting you. I'm already on vacation in Maine so the house will have to fend for itself, otherwise, I would be doing completely the same thing! See you soon. --Jen