Sunday, November 26, 2006

Schmittens Redux

Here are lego guy mittens, for our nephew. Hopefully he'll think they are cool enough to wear. Off soon to the fabric store to find fleece to line them with.

New mittens while I await the arrival of more Satakieli from Schoolhouse Press. This pattern is #58 from Lizbeth Upitis's beautiful book, "Latvian Mittens." Satakieli again (good thing I bought six skeins at Camp last summer), brown with pale green (the original calls for brown and grey).

When working stranded colorwork like this I like to work the piece inside out, like so (Jackson had to have a look, too):

You knit normally, but the working section is at the back of the work instead of at the front. This forces the strands to follow along the outside of the circular piece, a greater travel of circumference than if the piece was worked right-side out, which helps prevent puckering. Working inside-out also helps at the corners, where I can stretch the stitches out with my thumb to prevent that dreaded corner puckering that can be so hard to avoid:

Another FO, drying:


Renata said...

the Legoman mittens are adorable! I hope your nephew likes them.

Sarah / Blue Garter said...

You're cranking out the knitting these days - I'm so impressed! I can't wait to see the sweater, of course. And I love the bean flower mittens. I've been wanting to make some based on the chart in Nancy Bush's Folk Knitting in Estonia, although I'd be making up the actual pattern. They're going to be beautiful, and the Lego Guys are adorable.

gleek said...

great idea to knit the mittens inside out! makes sense to me :)