Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lobodka Mittens

I made these mittens for a friend who shares a love of animals, books, and art. They should serve her well on her dog walks.

The pattern is from Kirikindad I by Aino Praakli; copy obtained from Nancy Bush's company Wooly West. I left out the green stripes on the cuff, as pictured in the book. The green for the flowers was leftover from my Poetry in Stitches cardigan; it's a bit thicker than the red & black Satakieli but it worked well enough.

Here's a peak behind the thumbs...

While the thumb placement is traditional, I still don't find them terribly comfortable to wear. Next time I might experiment with placing them closer to the side, with a gusset.


gleek said...

super cute mittens!

Erika said...

I love these! Wish there was a mitten've got good taste in mittens!