Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zigzag Mitts Errata

I've caught one error in the Zigzag Mitts pattern, where the hand pattern merges into the cuff pattern for size M/L (the cuff pattern for size S/M is fine). I've posted the errata on the pattern's blog post here and will upload a revised version on Ravelry today. (Anyone who has purchased the pattern through Ravelry should receive an updated copy, an incredibly awesome feature of Ravelry!) If you purchased a paper copy through either Close Knit or Twisted in Portland and would like a pdf of the revised version, leave a message here and I will email it to you.

Basically, for the Cuff Pattern, size M/L, Round 2, the pattern should read:
[*kfb, k2, dd, k2, kfb, kfb, k2, dd, k3, kfb*]

If you're at all interested, here's why I made the change:

In the old version for size M/L, the double kfbs in the middle of each needle of the cuff pattern weren't lining up above the dd line of sts of the hand pattern. The revised version lines them up properly so that the k st from the dd line of the hand pattern flows right into one of the k sts of the double kfbs in the cuff pattern. You can see the difference in the photo below: the green and orange bands show the old version while the yellow and tan bands show the new.

Apologies for the trouble, and let me know if you have any questions! Cheers. j

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