Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Great Imposters

My friend Laurie made these socks on one of her antique sock knitting machines (this particular machine is circa WWI). While she's been making beautiful socks for the past year, she learned a way to make cables while attending a sock machine convention out here in the PNW a few weeks ago. In order to make the cable, as I understand it, certain stitches for the future cable are marked and treated differently as the sock is knit, and once the sock is complete, very clever hand sewing creates the look of the cable. Here's a close-up:

Clever, indeed! I love them--thanks, Laurie!

Another imposter has invaded the house. This is my dog, Jackon, in full fuzziness:

And this is Jackson after yesterday's trip to the groomer :

Yep, that's what a golden retriever looks like with a buzz cut. In just a couple of weeks we'll be headed to Maine with him, and we're hoping this short haircut will help with preventing hotspots and detecting ticks faster. He seems happy, and should be cooler, but I'm still getting used to seeing him without his long tresses. He's ready to go undercover!


Laurie Ferris said...

Jackson looks as if he's dressed up as a yellow lab to hide amongst the preppy Mainers. Hahahahaha

Sarah said...

Oh, his little tail! That's too funny. I hope it really will make his summer more comfortable, though. At least he'll dry more quickly after ocean swims.