Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turkish Ocean Revisited

Not meant to be an ad for Apple, this is Meg Swansen's Turkish Ocean pattern, which I started at Camp 2 last summer (2008), put aside for awhile, and now have happily back in progress. I'm really loving the pattern; I didn't get far enough before to see what a lovely rhythm there is in it. I hope to be wearing this this winter.

Given my gauge last summer, I was worried about the sweater coming out too wide. Thanks to smart advice from Joyce Williams (does she give out any other kind? I don't think so), I took out one of the smaller panels on the side. Now, I'm thinking I could have left it in, but in the interest of finishing before spring, I'm forging ahead. If it's too too slim, I may experiment with steeking and adding the panel pattern back in, although that would involve four inserted panels. Nah, not worth it. It will fit, come h#ll or high water! (This is interesting; who knew "ambassador of Morocco" was a vulgar term for a shoemaker? There must be a story in that.)

On a completely different note, this afternoon I taught a class at Twisted on the techniques employed in my Stained Glass Bubble Hat & Scarf pattern. What a wonderful group of students they were: already smart knitters, they were individually and collectively kind, interesting, talented, and engaged in what they were doing. Thank you, class!

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