Sunday, December 06, 2009

Friends New & Old

Fran at Clover Needlecraft emailed me recently regarding my Stained Glass Bubble Scarf pattern. She generously mentions the scarf on Clover's Blog, here. Thanks, Fran! She also says that Clover's 9" circular works well for the scarf. I haven't worked with 9" circs before, but am excited to give that size a try.

Winter has arrived in the Pacific NW. A cold wind is whipping around the house, finding a few ways in. But I prefer the recent cold and dry to mild and wet, particularly when it comes to dog walks.

Currently my knitting time is focused on a pattern submission for Knitty's Spring+Summer issue. If I can get the chart & written section nearly finished today, that leaves odds & ends & photos through next Sunday. Then holiday shopping. Hmmm... back to work.

For now I leave you with another reason why I love Portland: SoupCycle. And a photo taken by my friend Betsy on her recent cross-country drive from Oregon to New England. Sarah and I gave Betsy the little ram (found at OFFF) and for fun Betsy took pictures of Ramsey B. Woolley pondering the scenery along the journey. Here he is in Montana taking in the Bighorn Mountains (and, in Betsy's words, feeling slightly inadequate):

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