Sunday, January 31, 2010


My friend Thérèse from Knitting Camp has created a wonderful resource for knitters and crocheters. Her website Knitfinder is a compendium of pattern indexes and support sources on how-tos and technique. Thérèse has done a fantastic job organizing a massive amount of information. Need to learn a new skill or forgot how to do something? See the general how-to page listing reference links alphabetically by topic, from "abbreviations" to "zippers." Each section lists sources on the web, from tutorials on blog posts to videos to how-to pdf files to on-line articles: Thérèse has done the web searching for you and she continuously updates this resource page.

There are sortable and searchable indexes according to designer, style, yarn, gauge, and location (plus others) for Elizabeth Zimmermann & Meg Swansen, Alice & Jade Starmore, and patterns published by Interweave Press & Knitty. Thérèse has done her homework: there are patterns by EZ I haven't heard of before, and might not have found otherwise without this comprehensive list. The location information is particulary helpful in the instance of EZ and Meg, who have some patterns of various iterations in a variety of places (books, Wool Gatherings, Spun-outs, VHS and DVDs, etc.): Knitfinder lists them all. Only on Knitfinder can you see a list of patterns by designer that includes the gauge, recommended yarn, and source information for each pattern.

And, this is all free! For a small subscriber fee you gain the added benefits of seeing designer notes per pattern which include a description of the garment (e.g. v-neck, kimono, crewneck), construction method (e.g. flat, circluar), sizes offered, gauge, and a link to Ravelry projects. These are searchable, too--so if you, say, prefer a raglan construction, you could call up all raglan patterns that have been indexed so far and compare them for gauge, size, recommended yarn, etc. There is a free demo to try out the full subscriber benefits.

This site is a great resource. Go check it out! Whether you are searching for particular help or just browsing, I'm willing to bet you'll find a resource new to you.

And while you're at it, take a peek at Knitfinder's blog, on which you'll have a glimpse of Thérèse's fabulous shawls. I kid you not--at Camp she wore a different shawl each day (sometimes two on one day)--and I know that was a drop in the bucket of the number she has knit.

Beautiful work all around, Thérèse. Thank you so for providing such a fabulous resource for us knitting folk.

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