Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camp Loot

I'm always looking to add to my library of knitting books. Here's what came home this trip:

From which I hope to make this:

Future Christmas present:

My friend Caitlin Hyde does amazing glasswork and as usual brought beads to share. This guy came home with me. His face, inspired by Buddhas, has a perfect look of contentment:

Buttons for another Baby Brioche and a dear little bowl from the talented Jennie the Potter:


purchased at:

When I realized I'd have a couple of hours in St. Paul before needing to fly home, I asked Joyce where to go and she recommended The Yarnery. Amy seconded that and knows the store well, having worked there for five years.

So glad I stopped. What a charming yarn store! I've always felt the best location for a yarn store is within an old house. The staff were warm and welcoming. There were lovely displays and oodles of skeins in all nooks and crannies, including this Pediboo which I haven't yet tried and decided needed to come home, too:

Amy also recommended the egg salad sandwich at Cafe Latte:

You're right, Amy--it was delish!

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