Sunday, November 21, 2010

And the holidays begin

Now that I have the SG Bubble Mitten pattern out to testers (still looking for a few more folk, particularly for the child sizes, if anyone is interested), it's time to work on holiday knitting. My super-secret-project-to-be-done-by-Xmas is needing to be started over, so I'm going to put that on hold and work on Meg Swansen's Swedish Dubbelmossa, with a few motif alterations. That, and SG Bubble Mitts for me (I plan to tack on notes for mitts to the mitten pattern, as well as a thumbless baby version, Sarah's idea) should keep me busy this week. Temperatures are due to drop below freezing the next few nights so we're hoping for some snow here. Snow, snow, snow!

Knitting pics later this week, so here's Jackson, looking stately in his hunting (aka I-look-like-a-deer-so-please-don't-shoot-me) vest:


"Skipper" said...

I've just 'discovered' you ... and your blog, and your patterns! I'm in Victoria, and indeed we have the wind, the cold and the SNOW today. (I PM'ed you on Ravelry about test-knitting your bubble mitten patterns too...) :)

Jann Mouer said...

VERY stately indeed! It's a PDX thanksgiving here in DC: overcast and kinda cold with a rain that's hanging in the air. Look forward to exploring your!