Saturday, December 10, 2011

Studio, Finished

This was a long-term project. The rows and rows of garter stitch are perfect for long car rides and movie watching. I love Hanne Falkenberg's designs--her play with lines and construction is amazing, and fun to knit. Unfortunately, even though my Dacapo came out perfectly sized, for some reason I had a hard time getting the proper row gauge on this one. This sweater is knit in two halves. I knit the first half and found it would be too small, so I went up a needle size and knit the second half, thinking I'd then decide which half was the best one to keep, and I'd reknit a third, matching half accordingly. Interestingly, both first halves, while on different needle sizes, were nearly identical, so I finished the sweater using both and gave it to a petite friend. The coloring is perfect on her--I think it was meant to be hers from the start. Someday I’d like to reknit this in another colorway for myself (in a larger size!).

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