Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Return from Knitting Camp

Bavarian Twisted Cap
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I returned Monday night from Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp. What fun was had! Old friends met last year were there (including Sallie, proud new owner of Knitters Mercantile, and glass artist Caitlin), and new friends were made. I had a fabulous roommate who had on the exact same pair of green shoes I brought. Of course we were to hit it off! She and her friend drove down from Montana and I had the best time with them. Hopefully we'll return to do it all over again next summer.

Camp began Thursday night with a supper buffet and then, after each camper had a chance to write down a question regarding knitting for Meg to cover during class, the classroom was opened up for us to ooh and ahh over the sweaters laid in abundance on tables, to select wool, to choose books, to peruse Meg's personal knitting book collection. Friday morning began with Meg addressing campers' questions which ranged from how to compute even increases across a row to mirror-image increases (three different sorts) to that elusive weave for some knitters, the kitchener stitch. Friday also included an introduction to Bavarian Twisted Stitch (this red cap was knitted up last winter after learning the method at last summer's camp), Two-End knitting, multiple methods of casting on, and short rows. All the while Meg's support teachers Amy Detjen (technique guru and an absolutely hilarious woman) and Joyce Williams (a fabulous designer, she has a wonderful sense of humor and always smiles with a twinkle in her eye) were present to add to the instruction and discussion. Each day after lunch we reconvened for show-and-tell, a time for every camper to show off accomplishments or present problem pieces to the group for advice. After afternoon time to relax and dinner out, the classroom filled up again as campers spared no time to do that which we all crave time for, time to sit and knit.

Other topics covered over the course of the weekend included proper trapping when knitting in two colors, shadow knitting (both demonstrated by Amy), and Armenian knitting (shown by Joyce). Both Meg and Joyce had original pieces worked in the Armenian way and I am inspired to try my own hand at this interesting method.

Meg's overwhelming support and gracious manner, Amy's quick wit and practical solutions to problems, and Joyce's quiet brilliance all made for the most wonderful of weekends. I feel lucky to have attended and can't wait to return.


Nanette said...

Camp sounds fun - I'm so jealous. And the Bavarian Twisted Cap is beautiful. You picked the perfect color.

alison said...

Wow, camp sounds great! Do you mean Knitter's Mercantile in Columbus? That was a great store. How cool to know the owner.

And that hat is amazing!

Jessica said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I just found your link from the Blue Blog. I thought I was the only blogger at camp. :)