Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Beautiful Oregon

Here's where I've been the last five days--backpacking in the beautiful Wallowa Mountains of northeastern Oregon. Despite my unhappy feet, for scenic value, this was by far the best hiking I've done in Oregon. Our 30-mile loop took us through varied terrain, from woodland forest to alpine cliffs. With a myriad of streams and small lakes along the trail, water was aplenty. No bears were observed, but we did see deer, grouse and other birds, several snakes, trout, and a million insects. Colin's hiking sweater (now complete up to the middle of the armhole gussets, ready for backing-and-forthing) stayed in the car, but the first of the socka-pal-2-za sock came along and is nearly finished. Hopefully I'll finish Colin's sweater soon so he can test it out on another trail before the end of the season!

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