Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Sockapal2za Socks Arrived!

My socks arrived today from my sock pal. They are beautiful! Wonderful autumn colors with cables gracefully winding their way up the sides. The fit is perfect. Don't you just love that new-sock feel? These will be a definite favorite this fall and winter. I can't wait to show them off! Thank you, Suzanne! You did fabulously! I love the handdyed wool, by Kathy Oliver at Holly Spring Homespun. I may have to make a sweater with this stuff, what with the colors so gorgeous and the feel so soft. Plus, Suzanne made the cutest card and included cool stitch markers with my socks. Thank you so! I had fun with this endeavor. Thanks to Alison for organizing us all, too!

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Teri S. said...

How beautiful! I see lots more sock knitting in my life. After getting over the initial learning curve of doing the heel and toe, they make great projects!