Saturday, October 15, 2005

We're Halfway There

Both of my current projects are over halfway complete. Using the unspun Icelandic, here's the progress on the pereline:
It's true nature will be revealed off the needles. The unspun has been fine to work with; I think I've only had to spit splice it together once so far. After the brown showing will be a darker, richer brown to finish off the bottom.

And then there's C's hiking gansey:
The zipper is just basted in for now, but I think it will work! I went down to a size 1 on the upper body to keep the garter stitch ridges from puckering out too much; I'm awfully glad to be back to a size 2 on the sleeves. Onward!

And I had such fun with Alison's Socka-pal-2-za-along, I've joined Nona's Peaceful Palms gloves knit-along. With the finished-by date of January 31, I'm sure I'll make it; although I'm itching to start now, I'm resolved to finish my WIPs first (we'll see how long that lasts). Now to figure out how to put Nona's button on my blog...


Carola said...

Oh, oh, I was so anxious to see your Icelandic wool project. It looks so delicate. I'm amazed how you are managing to knit it. Great! I remember my attempt with one strand, a baby sweater (what the heck was I thinking! This stuff is not for baby skin!) and it did not work it all. But you airy project seems to be just right. So cool.
See you at the Peaceful Palms Knitalong!

Jessica said...

Everything looks great. Did you get your camp postcard in the mail today? I've got the dates blocked off on the calendar already. And I saw Marci from camp this morning. She's visiting Seattle this weekend and we got to have breakfast together before I went to work.