Saturday, November 26, 2005

One Finished Gansey

I sewed the zipper in last night (by hand--I've tried machine-sewing zippers in but they never come out well enough) so C's hiking gansey is officially complete. It's still pending the Great Try-On, but I am crossing my fingers that it will fit. The Satakieli did well in blocking (I wet-blocked it) and the top portion that was originally pulling in stretched out well.

Final details: pattern, my own, using EPS & the "Swedish Block Pattern" from Barbara Walker; 5 skeins Satakieli from Schoolhouse Press on size 2 (stockinette portions) and 1 (pattern areas)

For some mindless knitting I've started some socks using Knitpicks "Dancing" and trying Lucy Neatby's Bosnian square toe, which was a fun way to begin a sock. Pereline pictures to come. In the interim, here's Scooter wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving weekend.


Nancy J said...

Very nice sweater. Now will you be making him an Irish Hiking Scarf to go with it? I'm currently knitting one for a present and it's an easy knit but really attractive.

Jen said...

I've seen some of those Irish Hiking Scarves--they are beautiful!

nona said...

Your sweater is beautiful! I love your idea of adding a zipper.