Monday, May 01, 2006

Finished Sockapaloooza Socks!

My socks are finished--I actually finished knitting a week or so ago and blocked them last week. Here they are!

I had fun knitting them. They are Amelia Raitte's "Elfine" pattern. The wool is from RainShadow Farm in Kingston, WA, 97% Coopworth sheep wool and 3% cashgora and angora. It's a sturdy yarn, and while the pattern is delicate, these socks will be good boot or clog socks, or socks to wear while by the fire on a cold, rainy day. I hope my pal likes them! I want to pick up a few additions for the package before sending them off overseas (hint, hint).

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Sarah said...

Beautiful socks - lucky international sock pal! If you're in SE, I'd love to come meet you sometime - I don't know any knitters out here yet. I'm in Lake Oswego right now, but I have a car, so I could meet just about anywhere. Do you have a favorite knitting place?

Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself!