Sunday, September 24, 2006


My friend Sarah has just begun, with her friend Jessica, Zimmermania, a KAL devoted to knitting EZ's designs. How wonderful that many knitters are being introduced (or reintroduced) to EZ's genius. And it's nice to see Meg's designs being honored there, too, as I believe she inherited all of EZ's wit and wisdom.

While the KAL officially began yesterday, I am holding off on beginning a new EZ project (which will most likely be Meg's Arch-shaped Stockings) until I finish my EZ circular Aran sweater from The Opinionated Knitter/Leaflet #6, Spring 1961.

Here's my swatchcap, top:

and side:

Love that Sheepfold design of EZ's. Here's the body so far:

The row of blackberries will run up the center front and back. Since the sleeves will be steeked, I may use this piece as a demonstration sample for some knitter friends who have expressed dismay at the thought of steeking. I'm also thinking of doing a cowl neck, to make this a super-warm, dog-walking-through-the-park sort of sweater. Now I just need to finish it, and find a dog!


gleek said...

glad to have you back on the blog scene! i love the color and stitch pattern of what you have here! i wish i could find time to participate in zimmermania but i don't think that i will :( i'll just have to live it through all of the other participants!

Nancy J said...

i peruse the zimmermania posts but i'm currently working on the fair isle yoke sweater from WG, WG video, Spun Out and OK. like your cap and sweater so far. i love cowls and really dont know how to knit a 'proper' one!

jessica said...

Jen I just love the colour of the wool you are using - what is it? (and where is the dog?)
Love jessica (cambridge)

Nanette said...

I think the Swatchcap is adorable! I have also thought about joining Zimmermania but I was in a knitalong for Knitter's Almanac and never even cast on anything. sigh