Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ganomy Girls

One ganomy hat, two girls... I'm told they love the hat so much, they kindly share it, even taking turns to wear it to the local grocery store (one head per way). After seeing other ganomies on Zimmermania, I couldn't resist any longer and used up some Mission Falls 1824 wool I had bought back when it sounded like it was about to become extinct (so glad it's being made again). I'd originally and selfishly started the hat thinking it would be for me, but when it came out a bit too small (and I have a tiny head!), it was fun to think of who might enjoy wearing it. I think I made the right choice!


loribird said...

Great hat, and adorable kids! So glad to see how it looks, I may have to make one (or two) now!

gleek said...

i love these ganomy hats! they are so much fun :)

sweetfigs said...

this is super cute. i may have to make a ganomy for the dulaan project.