Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Mittens

Mittens for C's mother. These are taken from Nancy Bush's pattern "Liidia's Gloves" in Folk Knitting in Estonia. I thought mittens were more appropriate for the giftee, plus it's easier to assume mittens will fit someone far away than gloves might, without proper measurements. I'd hoped to knit pairs for everyone on my list, but these are the first off the needles! Maybe next year.

Satakieli, size 0 dpns

Cuff detail:
These employ a two-color braided cast-on (black & white) and feature two Kihnu Vits braids, in black & red.

I love this pattern--clean and classic. I was worried they might be too small, but as I was finishing knitting and imagining creating mitten blockers out of wire clothes hangers (I know it can be done, but didn't want to try) I remembered the pointy ends of my sock blockers and they worked perfectly!


tiennie said...

Those are beautiful! Great job!

gleek said...

wow, those are some gorgeous mittens! i see the mitten craze is spreading :)

Dipsy D. said...

These mittens must be one of the most beautiful pairs I've seen for long, really - they're awesome! What a beautiful pattern - congratulations on a great accomplishment!

Nancy J said...

Truly beautiful mittens, Jen. Hope you're having an awesome holioday season.