Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Day

Praise be the gods... not only did we have Monday off for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday (for which as a second-grader I won 3rd place in a city-wide essay contest, huzzah!) but we had yesterday off as well as snow arrived overnight Monday. While the hills of Portland can see snow, it's pretty rare downtown and eastside where we live (at around 300'), so 3-4" of the powdery stuff pretty much shuts the city down.

We're not sure if Jackson here has seen snow before; he certainly enjoyed playing in it. Cold temperatures are keeping the roads snowy and slick, so today is another snow day. Most years we go without any snow days, so three snow days in the past two weeks is pretty exciting. I'll certainly be going in to work this weekend to catch up, but it's been so nice to stay home and enjoy the beauty outside, I won't mind.

Plus, look what came today:

A last holiday present from C (I gave him a big hint, in the form of a link to the website here. Unfortunately, I sent him to their Danish site, without clue to the English side. Ah well, he's a smart guy, thankfully he persevered and figured it out). I've long admired Hanne's designs. I'm excited to begin, although I'm committing to first finishing at least one project already on the needles. For now, I will have to suffice with drooling over the colors as the kit sits on my desk.

And while the photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful colorway, look at the lovely skein in front from Sarah. Such perfect colors! I'm having fun looking in my old Interweaves for a little lace project for this lovely skein. Thank you, Sarah!

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sunneshine said...

I found you on the EZ blog site - you are using a swatch from one of my favorite books "Poetry in Stitch's"! Just wanted to say hello and beautiful mittens in the last post!