Sunday, December 07, 2008

Blue Hornet

For my birthday a year ago (October 2007) I asked my sweetie for wool for a sweater I really wanted to make, Janet Szabo's Green Hornet. The wool was eight skeins of turquoise Canadian Regal, a wool I've really come to like. It's warm, hard-wearing, affordable, and rarely pills. I had used it for my circular Aran, and wanted a similarly sturdy, warm winter sweater. A year later, I sewed in the zipper (thanks to Sarah for the suggestion of making it into a cardigan) and have been happily wearing it since. (One goof: Undecided about what color of zipper to do, I bought several in a hurry one night right before the fabric store closed. It was only after sewing it in that I realized I had not purchased a separating zipper! Oof! Oh well. Will fix someday.)

Here's the back:

These photos were taken last Sunday on our annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to the Oregon wine country. I have a fondness for rabbits, and found delight in this sign:


Angie said...

The sweater is gorgeous! I'm glad you enjoy wearing it.

Nancy said...

Aren't Janet's patterns terrific? Looks great!