Sunday, August 02, 2009

Stained Glass Bubble Class & SS09

Twisted's fall class schedule is up and my Stained Glass Bubble Hat & Scarf class is on the list! I'm terribly excited; I only hope I will have some students. Now, to finish the handout!

The other exciting news is, of course, Sock Summit 2009 which will be taking place THIS WEEK in my VERY OWN HOMETOWN--yippee! I am so thrilled about all of the people coming to PDX for this singular event. I was somehow lucky enough to make it in to several classes and lectures, and I am going to eat up every minute of the experience. Here's what I have to look forward to:

morning: Judy's Magic Cast-on hour
& Anna Zilboorg's Turkish Stitches lecture
afternoon: Priscilla Gibson-Robert's Ethnic Socks & Stockings lecture

morning: in line for a ticket to be part of the world's knitting record at noon
& Meg Swansen's & Amy Detjen's Arch Shaped Stockings class
afternoon: volunteering at the doors of the marketplace

morning: Barbara Walker's How I Became a Knitter lecture (thanks to the last-minute lottery!)
afternoon: Meg Swansen's & Amy Detjen's EZ's Wearable Art Stockings class
evening: Ravelry meetup, World Forestry Center

morning: Deb Robson's Cross your Cables and Dot your Purls
afternoon: Luminary panel

I am so looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. This coming week will help to make up for what was a bit of a let-down for our summer vacation. Technically, C and I (& Jackson the dog) weren't expected to return to PDX until next Monday. A week ago Friday, while on the island in Maine, we received a phone call from a neighbor that someone had broken a window. Well, it turned out that that someone had broken in to the house and busted out five windows from the inside out, shattered the glass in our old front door, and busted the two back doors. Thanks to the quick calling of said neighbor, the police were able to catch the guy a few blocks away. He had other peoples' ID on him but none of his own, as well as some of my jewelry.

Ultimately this isn't a huge deal--no one was hurt, thankfully, and most can be repaired. But, it was hard to leave our time in Maine early, to miss seeing more of C's family who were coming up to visit the last week, to miss our niece's performance in her theater camp's production of "Music Man," and to come home to a wrecked house. Thanks to my sister who did yeoman's duty cleaning up the worst before we came home, the cleaning company who picked up most of the glass, and a very good neighbor/contractor/restorer of old houses, we should be put back together soon. For now, the building excitement of SS09 is a welcome reprieve.

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Anonymous said...

My gosh, how scary! Good thing you have such a great neighbor. Your summit schedule sounds fantastic-I'm envious.