Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swedish Dubbelmossa

For a long while I've wanted to knit one of Meg Swansen's Swedish Dubbelmossas (which can be found in her book Handknitting with Meg Swansen; her DVD on the pattern is also worth watching and knitting along to), so I made one for a Christmas gift this year. I used two total skeins of Icelandic Unpsun in the colors sumac and silver. I love working with unpsun--it is incredibly soft and I had it tear on me only twice throughout the entire project, both times because I wasn't paying attention and had the skein in a spot where it couldn't move (and with spit splicing, tears are easily fixed!).

Here is the hat at its full length:

And then with the bottom "toe" pushed in to the top:

The hat can be worn like that, doubled, or with a quadrupled-brim:

I used different motifs, mostly taken from Sheila McGregor's Traditional Scandinavian Knitting: anchors, waves, trees, and snowflakes, as the recipient is a sailor and skier. The hat is super warm, and I definitely foresee making more in the future (hopefully one for me, too!).

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely hat! The recipient is certainly lucky. ~Karen