Monday, January 16, 2006

New Beginnings

Happy New Year, everyone. It's been good to catch up and see what everyone's been up to over the holidays, as well as people's new year resolutions, particularly knitting-related. I'll have to think on that some more. Although it is good to be home, it's not been an easy return. It took me a full 10 days or so to recover from jetlag; none was felt going over, but the 15-hour difference hit me hard coming back. Several nights involved knitting from 4am on until it was time to get ready for work. Those nights gave me more time, though, with Scooter, who had been living with cancer for the past several months. We weren't even sure if he'd be here when we returned, but he was, thanks to my sister who stayed with him and to our wonderful vet tech who makes home visits. Whether he was waiting for us to return or not, he made it another five days until the cancer got the better of him. It was a sad day, but we knew it was time and chose to put him to sleep. I think he knew, too. Here's to Scooter, the bravest, sweetest cat around. We love you, Scooby. Thank you for being our friend.


Nancy J said...

He had to see you return and for you to see how well he managed the place for you while you were gone (he did have his responsibilities, even if he couldn't handle them as well as before.) Jen, do go to and click on 'in wisconsin', past programs, 12/19/2005, search transcripts for knitting camp, click go. It's the pbs program filmed last summer at Meg's!

Jen said...

That's so great! I've sent the link to two friends I'm hoping to talk into going this summer. Thank you! (And I agree, I think he hung on just for us.)

Nanette said...

I'm so sorry about Scooter! He looks like such a sweetheart. sigh